Panchagni Sadhana

Paramahamsa Niranjanananda Saraswati hat das Panchagi Sadhana begonnen.

Da er exakt den gleichen Weg geht, wie sein Guru Swami Satyananda, verwundert diese Entwicklung nicht.

Hier ein Kommentar von Swami Karma Karuna, der Frau von Swami Muktidharma, den Einige aus Deutschland kennen. Sie ist zur Zeit vor Ort.

“…Swami Niranjanji has started his Pancha Agni sadhana and it is a blessings to participate in the early morning daily havan when he begins the fires. I am in awe at his strength and incredible energy and apparently the heat was off the thermometer ie. the thermometer couldn’t registered the heat the other day. In the afternoons, Swamiji still gives satsangs, inspiration for our karma yoga and wise words, despite the challenge of such a sadhana! What a gift to be here in such an energy.”

Hier ein Auszug aus dem Buch Sayings of a Paramahamsa in dem Swami Satyananda über dieses Sadhana schreibt.

“Even today it is hard to believe that I performed Panchagni. During the Panchagni sadhana the temperature used to go up to ninety degrees centigrade. Do you know how hot that is? And how dehydration takes place at that temperature? Panchagni is performed from 14th January, Makar Sankranti, to 16th July, Karka Sankranti. In India it is nice to sit near the fire in January – but in May? But nothing happened to my health. This only happens by the grace of God.

I had a lot of weaknesses: desire, anger, greed, ego and attachment. These are the five fires inside the subtle body which dry up a person’s being. To avoid these fires and to face these fires are two different things. I did not avoid them; I faced them and faced them strongly. However, sometimes I felt as if I would slip. Only a person who can face these five inner fires can face the five external fires – the south fire, east fire, west fire, north fire and the fifth fire of the sun overhead. Otherwise a sannyasin who does Panchagni sadhana is committing suicide. You sit surrounded by four fires and above you is the sun. All the water in the body dries up. A heart attack will definitely take place. The best way to die is in Panchagni sadhana.”

Wir sind ohne Sorge und wünschen Swamiji Alles nur erdenklich Gute für dieses hohe Sadhana.
Sn. Gyanaroopa

4 Kommentare
  1. Omkardhyanam sagt:

    Bin Euch sehr dankbar, dass Ihr mich mit diesen Nachrichten und Ausführungen “versorgt”. Die Energie erreicht mich auf der Stelle.
    OM Shanti

  2. Atma prem sagt:

    Diese Nachricht berührt mich tief. Ich wünsche Swamiji alles erdenklich Gute für dieses Sadhana.

    Atma prem

  3. Kriyashakti sagt:

    Hari Om
    thanks for sending this to all of us.
    I am currently staying at Rocklyn Ashram near Melbourne and it is quite amazing that the news of Swamiji’s Sadhana has reached me from Germany.
    I have been sitting in front of the havan kund yesterday and I am in awe of this sadhana for sure.
    We have only temperatures of around 25 C at the moment and it feels very hot in front of one fire already.
    We are all so blessed to have Swami Niranjanananda and Swami Satyananda as our teachers.
    Om and blessings from Kriyashakti

  4. Kshama sagt:

    Ich danke sehr, dass diese Nachrichten uns erreichen.

    Swamiji zeigt uns wie stark der Geist der in jedem vom uns ist.

    Das gibt uns Kraft und Vertrauen diesen Weg taglich zu folgen.

    Danke! Swami Niranjananda

    Ein Grosses OM und viel SHANTI um dieses durchzuleben!!

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